Sunday, 24 April 2011

Falling into the abyss with a flailing heart

Once again I come with another dress! I rediscovered this little beauty when I was sorting through my 'summer clothes' which were in a box under bed and I have fallen in love ha. The light cotton is perfect for this insane heat and the amount of fabrics allows me to waft around still, a requirement for most of my clothing.

Oh and I just published a post by accident so ignore that haha
Pfft totally did not trip over that hose while racing against the ten second timer.


6 Whispered words:

olivia grace said...

such a gorgeous dress! x

Tegan said...

beautiful and dreamy! I love how all your pictures are circular xo

Belle&Alexa said...

that dress is so perfect for spring and summer- love it:)

Snows said...

What a nice dress!! The background garden is really nice too!

the nyanzi report said...

that dress is just fabulous. love the second shot.

Rebecca said...

Lovely dress ♥ x

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