Sunday, 18 September 2011

Skirt- Grandmother's. Top-Vintage

Lazy can't be bothered to take the tripod outside pictures. Happy London Fashion Week to all. I will continue to tidy my room whilst it continues, as this is the super hip life I lead.

LOVE this skirt, from the well known shop known as my grandmother's cupboard, she very kindly took it in for me as well.

Completed my first week back at school full of motivational speeches and the novelty of having free reign of the common room, which has a KETTLE and a MICROWAVE. I know, please control your excitement, I too was overcome for a short time. Not like I have both of the aforementioned appliances at home and never use them.

I will now leave you with this, if you've been following this blog awhile you will know how much of a teenager fangirl I am for Florence and I felt that this post would be incomplete without this here.

4 Whispered words:

Marta said...

Lovely outfit. You know how to wear it! xx ;)

rebecca said...

love for florence!! and your grandmother's wardrobe too, of course (: xxx

Anonymous said...

cute outfit, the glasses suit you so much! love your new docs too <3

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Louderthandrums said...

Florence is so amazing !