Thursday, 1 September 2011

Coat-Charity shop. Dress-Vintage. Hat-River Island
If you follow me on twitter (why wouldn't you, my day to day life is just so exciting?!) you will know I was up in London during the bank holiday weekend. Went to Brick Lane and died and went to heaven in the insanely huge beyond retro. This was followed by a trip to the V&A. Man, I could spend hours in there, going to say that the Beatrix Potter watercolours and the miniature portraits were my fave however.

I went to the first of my group of friends 16th birthday yesterday, which was super weird. Doesn't sound that old to many I guess, but considering I still think people falling over is absolutely THE funniest thing ever, it's odd to me. I will now go catch up on the sleep I did not have yesterday because it was miles more fun to draw eye liner moustaches on myself. I live on the edge, let me tell you.

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Jazzabelle said...

these photographs are lovely! you've gotta love the v&a :) x