Sunday, 19 June 2011

Top- topshop, skirt- River Island, Blazer-vintage

Good weekend. Hung with Lan, did some cool stuff, like lying in roads with my camera. Then I went to Mark Ronson's dj set at the local racecourse, got to love free tickets. Me and ma gang were even rebellious enough to crash the posh bit. Well, really we just walked through a gate that no one was watching, but still, we walked through that gate with swagger.

I'll sort my layout out soon, promise.

Added at a later date: Just completely ruined my layout, I hate it. This coding thing really isn't my thing.

3 Whispered words:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blazer x

Belle said...

i love your outfit!

Pi said...

Your skirt is beautiful!

You remind me of Tavi Gevinson - and I mean that as a total compliment!