Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dress, Rokit.
Photos from my little jolly to Brighton yesterday. Chips on the beach and all that jazz, a good day all round. BOILING HOT. Beyond Retro changing rooms were literally a sauna.
I am aware that my outfits all look the same ha, but due owning one pair of trousers it was bound to happen.

P.s I didn't wear the camera like that all day, just so ya know ha.

P.p.s I lied, I have no idea what manipulating surds is. I'm going to die in this maths test. I'm okay with the English one because I like English so I actually take something in in the lessons, or so I like to tell myself

4 Whispered words:

Xenia said...

Aww you went to Brighton! Luckyy! I love all your photos and your blog is awesome! Plus your style is amazing. I love it!!

Xenia xx

Tegan said...

WOW! that looks so sweet - great score at Rokit! I've been to the Beyond Retro in London, I neeeeed to check out the Brighton one xo

Anonymous said...

You're dress is absolutely lovely x

Belle said...

i really like your outfit - rokit is one of my favourite vintage sellers:)

did you do the maths GCSE today? I did, it was SO HARD! faaaailed. :(