Monday, 3 January 2011

To the basement people, to the basement

Last day of the holidays, and I'm desperately trying to do all the homework I really should have done at the start of the holiday. Not looking forward to going to back to school and getting my maths results for the exam I'm expecting a U on.

I went into town today with Chloe (who felt the need to post a post on here after I left blogger logged on her computer, need to stop doing that) and Megan. I got a ring in the sale from topshop for £2.50, I usually never get jewellery from topshop because it's insanely expensive if you ask me but it was reduced so you know. I also got Alice in wonderland from the bookshop pictured below. Now I've lived in my town since I was three and I've never been in here, I was missing out, there was books everywhere and it was mostly really old ones, which I love. In case you don't know, I'm a massive book person so this was like heaven AND the Alice wonderland/Alice through the looking glass was only £2.50. Enough about old bookshops now ha.
Cape that looks more like a coat- h&m, Top-Topshop, Skirt- Jack wills (bought during my major preppy phase last year hahaa)

2 Whispered words:

Roz said...

That book shop looks like my kind of place! There is a similar one near where I live that I love perusing - here's something about old books and the smell of the shops that I love. And I love Alice in Wonderland (and your cape!)
Happy new year!

Marisa Noelle said...

That book shop looks so quaint and lovely...I wish they were all like that. Alice and Wonderland is one of my favs. Darling outfit. Following you now:) xx Marisa