Sunday, 9 January 2011

So I was going to post yestreday but I never got round to it, which is a bit of a bummer. So I'll make for it with a post today and if your lucky a post tomorrow because our school has the day off (result!).

This is what I wore for some crazy dancing at Emilie's seriously, I don't think I've ever done so many hair flicks ha! I also found out that (wait for the long list) Emilie's sister's friend lives next door to Alexa Chung's parents, I know, I know, me and Alexa are PRACTICALLY best friends haa.

I'm going to shopping tomorrow during the aforementioned day off, so I may get a few things I want to show you but I'm mainly buying presents for the extortionate amount of people who seem to have birthdays in January, but I'm not complaining, mines on the 23rd ha, pretty excited for that ha.
Skirt- Charity shop, Top- I forgot, sorry

4 Whispered words:

rebecca said...

you can't dance without hair flicks! and nice claim to fame there, you'll have to let us know if there's ever a sighting of miss chung (: xo

Spence. said...

Woow that Alexa thing's pretty awesome, my greatest claim to fame is my friend's mum cut's Chrsitopher Dean's (from dancing on ice) mother's hair, haha.

Ooh Adorable skirt btw.

Lan said...

pfffft whatever... i've been to florence from florence + the machine's house. AND DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT BIRTHDAYS MY PRESENT FOR YOU IS AWESOME.

Michelle said...

Adorable outfit! you have such a cute style, I'm following your blog for sure!
Also... it's weird how people are always connected. The 6 degrees of separation thing must be real.