Monday, 12 April 2010

London roses

So yesterday me and my friends, Fern, Lanta and Charlotte went off to Camden to the filming of the channel 4 music programme KOKO POPS in Camden's KOKO club. We hopped on a train from ma home town to victoria station and from there we took a cab to the club.

We arrived at the venue a good hour and a bit early but when we got there the queue was all around the side to the bins where we had the delight of standing, I know your all concerned, but it was okay we got to move forward soon.

We got inside after queueing for AGGGES well I think it was only like an hour and a half but you know. Inside it is so cool its quite a small venue so you really got close to the stars. Performing were Taio Cruz, Example, Tinie Tempah, Marina and The Diamonds and Daisy Dares You. There was also like loads of other famous people being interviwed behind us. So I think you should check out the show its on on saturday at 12.30 on channel 4 and see if you can see me

Till next time ;) x

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