Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The great injustices, let them come

Right now the sun is still shining through the kitchen windows. The brother is upstairs on his xbox killing virtual people, mother is hoovering the floor with the new hoover which has a habit of making a high pitched screaming noise and I think my father is outside in his office. Now there's an odd beeping sound coming from somewhere. Just ignore it it might go away.

Since we have gone back to school for the summer term I decided to risk it and wear my black gladiator sandals and leggings. Oh everythings just following out of the cupboard my mother just opened and onto the floor. So I didn't find anything wrong with my legging wearing, I walked out of assembly today at school and the headteacher goes, 'take those leg warmers off'

first off all, I would never wear leg warmers out and about, I don't care if the 80's are back that would never happen.

So I'm stood there thinking what? and then the headteacher goes 'those leg warmers are not acceptable, take them off here where I can see you' PARDON?! There is no way I am taking off my leggings and flashing my pants to the whole of the year. no. And is just me that thinks that's slightly odd thing to say?

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