Friday, 14 March 2014

oh HIYA, hello, hai!

I'm still alive. I know, I'm sorry blog, I've treated you badly. I can't just come along and pick you up and use you when I feel like it. That's not how a loving relationship works. I can't just decide to see you when it suits me and takes my fancy. I know we have to work on this together, this is a two way thing, and I'm sorry. I promise to only make my post sporadic from now on, instead of sparse.

It almost feels silly, sitting down here and writing about what clothes I put on, I'm out of practice. But yes blog, you're right. I have been seeing other people. During our break I did procrastinate with other writing formats. I may have gotten bored and started writing a terrible screen play instead, I may have gotten bored and written superfluous tumblr posts and may also have reached a very low point in my most bored days where I wrote 17,000 words of an awful novel and for that I'm sorry.

I'm glad I got that off my chest.

I don't know if you noticed but it was quite sunny? I only know because I saw it on instagram, I myself, was locked in the library revising, for all I know the outside world may well now have taken on a permanent 'rise' filter. Nevertheless, here is what I wore to said afternoons in the library, and I really think the librarians appreciated these ones, I really do.

    Dress- vintage (To Be Worn Again)
    Excitement at the sun -model's own
    Dress- vintage (To Be Worn Again - I like that shop) Cardigan-GAP
    Burn on elbow- wish wrapping machine at work

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