Friday, 4 January 2013

Skirt- Topshop    Jacket-Vintage (Snoopers Attic)   Top- Made by me.

I should be revising for January mock exams, instead of revising today I have started writing a book, a screenplay for a new TV show and made some beans on toast. My hopes aren't high for these results, however I feel differently about my chances of becoming a published author/screen writer/master chef contestant by the age of 17.

Last night I saw The Rocky Horror Show in Brighton, it was just so fabulous. I love Rocky Horror so much that I have just let my phone ring that awkward second too long in lesson because my ringtone was 'Sweet Transvestite'. It really spiced up Irish history I feel. There was just so many sparkles, sequins, sing a longs, corsets and fishnets it was stupendous. If you follow me on twitter  you'll know how much I just didn't want to leave. I was more than happy to sleep out the back on a make shift bed of a feather boa and wait it out for the next showing.

Apologies for the awful mismatch of photos I was too excited to grab some good ones. Couldn't help but LOL a little at what the original wearer of this vintage tail coat would think of it being worn by a girl, to a musical about a transvestite from outer space. Probably a little different from it's first outing.

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