Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Room tour, ta daa. Hit Brighton today with The Infamous Lan, alas I only purchased two albums. When filming the below I realised just how much stuff/junk I have in my room . It's not even like my room is particularly spacious ha!
Once again, thoughts go out to any of those affected to the riots. I wish I could write something slightly more eloquent to acknowledge these hideous events but I'm particularly not very good at trying to convey what I'm trying to say!

3 Whispered words:

Ife. said...

Your room looks awesome!! x

olivia grace said...

such a lovely video, I love Beirut too! Your room looks beautiful xxx

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your room, especially the wall of photos and pictures and whatnot. I've only just discovered your blog, methinks I might be staying fo' a while ^.^

Saraah. X