Thursday, 28 July 2011

I'm going on holiday for the week. Today I went crabbing and walked for an impossible pancake, I'm so mysteriously cryptic, I know. 'Twas a good day my friends, a good day.

That's my by the way and what's in it.

I'll be back soon, wishing you were there. (I think that makes sense, I'm panic packing, nothing makes sense any more)

3 Whispered words:

Tegan said...

I love your satchel and all it's contents... and the way that you right, simply lovely xo

Roz said...

Hope you are having a very lovely holiday right now, filled with - (going by the contents of your great satchel) - photography, letter-writing and sketching/note-making.

Roza said...

you have a lovely blog!
thank you for commenting on mine