Saturday, 28 May 2011

They're telling our story on the radio

Coat/cape or as I know it the Capt- H&M, Dress-UO, Hat-River Island
Once again filming for my media work, it's a great thing the whole of our group being perfectionists! OH and it's half term hurrah.

Currently watching Titanic and having an emotional breakdown as I always do when I watch it. Oh I really think I'm going to have to turn over! The worst thing is that we all know there was enough room for Leo on the cupboard, come in she could've shifted over a bit.

5 Whispered words:

Kristal said...

arent you just the cutest in this combo! love the coat x cape its amazing! x

rebecca said...

i don't know why i've never really been that taken with titanic. i like it, but have never understood people's obsession with it! i love your little brooch (:

Ria :) said...

wooow i just love your coat <3 i think your blog is soo lovely, ill be visiting it again very soon :)


Jazzabelle said...

i love your cape/coat, you look lovely! i wish i could wear a bowler hat as well as you, i just look silly! xx

Ashleigh. said...

Such a cute outfit, love your blog.