Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hello all. The weather here has been disgusting today and yesterday, BUT fortunately I was lucky enough to receive a nice parcel containing the new no7 exquisite curl mascara in the post. Now I don't wear huge amounts of make up but I always wear mascara, I feel my eyes are naked without it haha.

Now onto the actual no7 mascara, overall, I really like it, and you're all thinking 'oh yeah sure course ya do', but from the bottom of my hear I promise I am telling the truth ha. My last few mascara's have been no7 (my last one had literally just run out the day this arrived, convenient I know)because I like them and I like the brand and think they're good quality, but I would say that this mascara has to be my favourite out them. A plus of this particular mascara is the curved brush, which is SO much easier to use than normal ones because it's pretty much eye shaped haha so it gets all the lashes and I don't poke myself half as much. It stays on well and it actually makes you lashes pretty big. The only slight downer is the fact it's not waterproof, so watch out for your lashes dripping down your face, but it is still pretty durable. So I'm gunna stop babbling and let you look at some pictures of my eyes with and without the mascara, can you guess which is which ha.

No7 are also running a competition competition on their facebook page where you can win loads of awesome stuff, all you have to do is upload a picture of your best wink, I tried myself but as you can see I don't think it's my forte ha.
I may blog later tonight, but only if you're lucky hahah

2 Whispered words:

Lan said...

ellie, never wink at me like that, ever.

R. said...

It looks very nice on your lashes!

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